We provide the world's fastest, easiest-to-use, most transparent, easily verifiable, illiterate-proof, error-proof and tamper-proof voting system that has been used in over 235 elections with electorates ranging from 18 years to 86 years!

Like you, we believe that elections must not be awarded - they must be won or lost.

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eVoteMinder is the Global Voting System of Choice

These are four quick reasons for choosing eVoteMinder® for your next election or referendum


Based on extensive useability analysis, eVoteMinder is easily used by voters with only a brief orientation. Illiterates, the aged, everyone uses eVoteMinder with ease.

Transparent & Verifiable

Featuring a detailed vote transcript, eVoteMinder also enables you to issue (optional) receipts to each voter. These can be tallied manually to obtain the same results as our system.


eVoteMinder is built to operate in an isolated environment. This way, it's immune from the hazards of hacking, etc. We have proven this over 235 times.

Saves Money

Because eVoteMinder comes with a full compliment of equipment, staff and even solar power supply, you save a lot of money when you lease our system.

The Perfect eVoting Technology

eVoteMinder provides the complete suite of electronic voting hardware, software, energy, transparency and personnel to undertake credible elections in the toughest and most demanding conditions. And we have done this in over 235 major elections, from urban settings to the most remote parts, enabling Phds and stark illiterates to easily participate in credible elections and referenda.

What We Offer

An easy-to-use fool-proof system that mimics the universally known paper voting (illiterate 86-year-olds love to use eVoteMinder)

Ultra-Reliable eVoting hardware with appropriate auto-backup mechanisms to support our critical operations

Multiple channels of transparency via which you can verify every vote cast

Instant access to printed results at each polling station at the close of polls

A fast, secure and tamper-proof collation system

A peace of mind!